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Best Restaurants in Arizona – Sushi Roku at the W Scottsdale

"Once you decide on your occupation, you must immerse yourself in your work. You have to fall in love with your work. Never complain about your job. You must dedicate your life to mastering your skill. That's the secret of success." - Jiro Ono I adore sushi. I think it's culinary poetry. The craftsmanship, the tools, the care, the training, the creativity, and the pure joy that follows viewing and consuming a magnificent sushi dish, all combine to make sushi one of the most satisfying of my ... Continue Reading

Best Luxury Hotels in Hawaii – The Westin Maui Resort & Spa Ka’anapali

"Life is an ocean and waves are our paths." - Diana Matoso Maui is a very special place, and this quote speaks to me as to why we are drawn to the beauty, serenity, peacefulness, and restorative energy of the ocean - that no matter where we are in our lives, the ocean shows us where we've been, and instills a gratitude that we'll carry with us wherever we go. It is with great gratitude and pleasure that I enjoyed this reflective moment while visiting The Westin Maui Resort & Spa ... Continue Reading