Use #aarongagnonproblems to tag any post where the good life is so good that you make fun of yourself for thinking it could be any better.

Aaron Gagnon Problems is a smart luxury travel and dining blog full of observations and stories of dining adventures and luxury lifestyle – exploring brand experiences and every now and then suggesting tongue-in-cheek ways to better the best.

I owe the name of this blog to a most smart and sassy friend of mine, Shannon Bodnar, who created the hashtag #aarongagnonproblems on Facebook.  Thank you Shannon.

Thanks also to my incredibly beautiful and talented wife Tanya Gagnon for sharing my love of dining, resorts and travel, and also for creating this lovely blog.

This blog is simply meant to be fun, self-deprecating, interesting, observational, and cool.  One of my goals is to promote the best restaurant and resort experiences.  I learn about most of these excellent destinations from following others, and I hope to show my readers and followers some of the best and most interesting restaurants and resorts in the world.  I will often fail to write well or post interesting things, but I promise that I will never take myself seriously.

I’m also always on the lookout for awesome contributions, so feel free to email me at aaron@aarongagnonproblems.com if you are interested in a guest post, sharing pictures, etc.

I hope you enjoy learning about my “problems” and thank you very much for sharing some of your valuable time with me.  Happy experiences!   🙂